Being in a start-up will advance your growth twofold

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“What is a startup?”

I asked myself back then. Having only knowledge of popular and established companies, I was confused and mystified by the concept of a “start-up”.

Until my 2nd internship changed my perspective on start-up companies entirely.

My whole…

Before you become a leader, master yourself first

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There will come a time where we will all be leaders in the future. To be able to influence, lead, and coach people so that they can be a better version of themselves and to others. …

Passion is what keeps us going, doing, and moving

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

3 years ago, I have lost interest and passion in everything. It was one of my darkest days that I had to experience because of something heavy and dreadful on my being.

It was a break-up.

A break-up so devastating that…

Miguel Vergel de Dios

A newbie writer exploring the world of blogging and writing

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