The 4 Things I Experienced in a Start-up Environment

Being in a start-up will advance your growth twofold

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“What is a startup?”

I asked myself back then. Having only knowledge of popular and established companies, I was confused and mystified by the concept of a “start-up”.

Until my 2nd internship changed my perspective on start-up companies entirely.

My whole mindset actually changed ever since I worked there — to my work ethics, on my perspective on life, professionalism, and overall attitude.

And after that, I know the reason why graduates and employees alike are looking to work with start-ups.

Now, why should you work for a start-up? Is it popular? The rising trend? or are you applying to one just to get a job? Regardless of the answers to these questions, you should still try your luck getting in one.

Why? Here’s why:


We are used to the typical mindset of established companies in “just doing things” — a fixated mindset. No. Don’t adopt that kind of mindset. It will make you static in your progression in life.

Instead, adopt the startup mindset — a growth mindset. A mindset where you will: accept change, open your horizons, perform better, learn more, and accept the negatives in life-transforming them into opportunities for learning and improvement.

Personally, accepting this kind of mindset “refreshed” my entire being. From the way, I approach problems to how my routine changed entirely. And yes, it’s hard to completely shift your mindset from one to another but a tree doesn't stand in a day, right?


This is the best part of a startup environment — growth. Being a startup company, there are a lot of opportunities for you to grow because of the many decisions that can be made while building the company. Skills, knowledge, and experience are just some of the things under it. In a deeper sense, not only are you able to add value to yourself, but you do it so in a consistent and positive manner.

During your growth, you will be consistently challenging yourself to reach newer heights. You will be motivated to reach your goals, hands-on and consistent; making you go above and beyond your current self.


In a start-up company, not everything will go smoothly, and like all companies, they can have challenges alike

But those challenges can pose themselves as opportunities in a startup. Every challenge has the opportunity for you to take it and work on it; to showcase your skills and expertise on the field, and rather just waiting for it to be gone and be taken by someone else.

Personally, challenges are like little experience points. You take them on and accomplish them and you’ll feel like you just leveled up; gained new skills, knowledge, and unlock abilities you think you never had.


And of course, how could I forget the environment I worked with. Working in a startup, you will get to meet and collaborate with a lot of people; people that are young, driven, and intellectually challenged 24/7 in the workplace.

People that strive to improve the condition of the company or the workplace, depending on their roles. People, that are even serious ones when it comes to work, can get together and build relationships — inside and outside of the workplace. People that are sharp-minded that you get to learn from them every day because of experience and insights into every challenge they encounter.

The environment in a start-up will definitely get you going to work. Just imagine an environment where you are heard, recognized, and given the opportunity to showcase who you really are — both as a professional and as a friend.

With the challenges, growth, and the stuff you can get to experience in a start-up, overall, I can say that it’s a balanced scale of joy and stress — and I think that's the beauty of it.

There will be times that you get to enjoy what you are doing because of the dynamic environment that keeps you motivated or rather stressed out on difficult responsibilities that keeps you awake at night, but because of that, you get to experience the best of both worlds of having things to learn and experience while giving up necessary things within your reach.

So, now, let me ask you, will you join a start-up company?

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